Can flooring be waterproof?

Can flooring be waterproof?

If you’ve never experienced genuine waterproof flooring before, you might wonder if complete imperviousness to water is an option. The good news is, yes, flooring can offer 100% waterproof protection, and we’re going to tell you more about it in today’s post.

Is waterproof the same as water-resistant flooring?

Water-resistant flooring is not the same thing as waterproof floors because it only gives you a certain number of hours before water damage can happen. Some of these materials do offer up to 72 hours, but if left unattended, they will succumb to the humidity, dampness, or liquid eventually.

Natural waterproof vinyl flooring is an excellent choice from this product line, offering complete protection from damage, even in flood conditions. Being able to count on your flooring to protect you in the event of an accident is well worth taking the time to learn more.

These products may cost more upfront, but if you ever experience a genuine water emergency, you'll find that additional price to be less than the cost of replacing one or more rooms of flooring. To find out more about what you could gain from waterproof flooring, visit us when you’re in the area.

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